A consulting activity
at the service of art

Malerba & Partners, which provides administrative, legal and financial advice for organisations involved in the arts (galleries, associations, private collections, foundations, etc.), actively supports the Fondo Malerba in institutional and dissemination activities.

The Fund organises exhibitions, educational activities and collaborations with artists, curators, critics and university lecturers from the most important Italian and foreign institutions.

The Fund’s objective is to document the strength and richness of contemporary and historical photography, introduce established artists and, above all, promote young, emerging photographers.

Fondo Malerba offers connoisseurs and photography enthusiasts:

  • a calendar of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, created in collaboration with prestigious institutions
  • a distinguished training programme that provides the opportunity to learn directly from professionals
  • international events that investigate the evolution of contemporary photography its own
  • volumes and a selection of the most interesting books from other publishing houses, available in its online store.