Business crises

Studio Malerba has created the Crisis Professional Alliance (CPA), a network of professionals who specialise in business crises and debt restructuring, tasked with studying and preventing the causes of corporate failure.

This a true alliance of transversal expertise and experience, created to provide lawyers, business consultants and labour consultants with concrete operational support to manage insolvency and business crises.

With our complementary professional skills, as a team we:

  • create a comprehensive overview of the state of the company, strategically plan solutions and interventions
  • create scalable and customisable operational management
  • provide ongoing support for colleagues to learn about and maintain best practices and new methods.
The CPA Network organises conferences and workshops to involve all those who administer and protect Italian companies, from small studios to bigger organisations, and share experiences and skills.

We manage business and financial problems.

  • Assistance and drafting of restructuring and bankruptcy plans pursuant to Law 14/2019 (Code of business crisis)
  • Assistance with over-indebtedness procedures
  • We operate as members of OCC (Organismo per la Composizione delle Crisi – the Italian Crisis Composition Body)
  • Asseveration of plans drawn up pursuant to L.14 / 2019 (ex art.67 and 182bis L.F.) and creditors’ agreements
  • Administrative and accounting assistance during liquidation
  • Judicial and extrajudicial liquidations