Corporate consultancy and Strategic Planning

We support enterprises and start-ups in the management of their businesses.

Corporate Consultancy

We support enterprises in their growth process

  • Drafting expert reports on corporate and company values
  • Drafting of industrial and financial plans
  • Assistance with extraordinary operations
  • Corporate due diligence (tax, legal and work)
Strategic Planning

We provide enterprises the necessary means to face the business development from a strategic point of view

  • Corporate start-ups and management control, corporate due diligence
  • Support in the corporate management through the optimization of the organizational and production processes (ex. lean management)
  • Temporary management
  • Management control
Succession Planning

We support the enterprises in the succession planning and generational change

  • Assistance in the succession planning
  • Trust compliance

Sports Consultancy

We provide our consultancy services to athletes, coaches, sports agents and sports association operating in the sports world. We offer a targeted legal, fiscal and management assistance aimed to a strategic management of the enterprise and to ensure an efficient contract management for the athletes, with a focus on the tax implications.