Temporary management consultancy

We support companies with specific organisational, administrative and financial skills.

  • Support in business management, through the optimisation of organisational and productive processes (e.g. lean management)
  • Support in the analysis of the economic, equity and financial performance of the company, comparison with the reference market, analysis of the competitive context and deviations, sharing any corrective actions
  • Identifying reporting and control tools to improve company performance in key areas
  • Establish procedures and information flows that are lean, efficient, adequate for managing risks and the company’s legal responsibility
  • Analysis and optimisation of human resource management

Other areas of expertise

Analysing our clients’ needs is always the first step in our consultancy: based on this we decide what type of assistance will be useful and which professional will take responsibility for it. We then activate all the necessary skills available in our consultancy to offer a valuable and comprehensive service.